A Python data access library including an object-relational mapper.

Python Winamp Controller [download source]
A Python interface to control winamp.

XPCOM Components Interface HTML Reference Generator [download source]
A Python script to generate an HTML reference for registered XPCOM components and interfaces. A compressed version of the reference built for Mozilla 1.0 can be found here and browsed on line on XulPlanet.

Albumizer [download source]
A Python script to build a simple web album for all images in a directory. A sample album can be found here.

Articles & Presentations

New-Style Python Objects [first] [second]
Two articles describing the behavior of new-style Python objects. Based on diagrams I drew to figure out how the new Python works.

XML in the Mozilla architecture [html] [pdf] [flash] [ppt]
A talk I gave at an XML Workshop at IIT, Mumbai. The slides are about how XML is used in the Mozilla framework to build applications.