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Programmable Systems Series


Everything is wrong and nobody seems to notice.

In this series I am looking for fundamental ideas and powerful abstractions to organize and program computing systems. Our current ways of organizing these systems are weak and insufficient.

This is a work in progress, an open ended inquiry, and hopefully will remain so. There shouldn't be a point where we say "OK, we've found all the good ideas now so lets stop looking."

I've subdivided this series into into multiple segments.

Quibbles are small and big annoyances in the prevalent systems of today. They're rants, essentially, but with a higher purpose.

Stuck with Plain Text Plain Text - a Conflation of Concerns The trouble with Data Formats Is 'data' just a poor API? Why Files and Processes? Systems, not Programs Where's my Simulator? The Internet is Dynamically Typed The Abominable Browser

Meta Ideas are useful ideas that help to develop and discover new ideas

[Framed Thinking] [Entrenchment] [Transposing ideas] [Dichotomies and spectrums]

Observations and Patterns

meta: [look at all artifacts uniformly] [clusters of related things], [transformation of clusters into other related things] [stack of illusions] [forms and transformations] [namespaces] [We thinking in Graphs] [Structure Words in Natural Languages] [All cognition is relationships] [We think in snapshots] [names and binding] [clusters of interconnected entities]

A framework to describe the artifacts of systems

  • the network is always partitioned

Design ideas


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